ICS Global was established in the beginning of 2018 as the authorized representative of primarily Israeli security software and hardware companies. ICS introduces cutting-edge software and devices for physical and cyber security. Our products represent the most advanced test-proven technology that is currently applied in the most challenging regions around the globe, and by some of the most demanding private and government entities. ICS enjoys the full support of the products' development and support teams, and works closely with them on developing the most suitable solutions for the Japanese market. As authorized representative, ICS provides on-going upgrades and tech support.


Our motto is, "Integrating Creative Solutions for our Partners' Success." At ICS we build our relationship with our clients with the notion that our clients are our partners to mutual success. It is, therefore, our utmost priority to ensure their advantage in a challanging security reality. Thus, we provide the most advanced technology while making certain to remain updated and current for the benefit of our partners so that we can flourish together. 

In recent years, globalization, widespread reliance on IT, and growing geo-political tensions have elevated the level and sophistication of security threats.  Current challanges for both physical and cyber security require us to always stay ahead of threats by integrating the most advance technology into a complete solution for our clients. This is a never-ending challange because threats develop constantly and attacks are dynamic. Let us provide you the security and safety you need to conduct your operations uninterupted. Let ICS Global secure your road to success, applying cutting-edge technology in the most effective way.





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ICS グローバル株式会
ICS Global K.K.

Octopus Systems Ltd. ,   Goldn'Links Ltd.

    Consulting, maintenance and service related to the above
    Sale of advanced security software and related hardware
    Authorized Representation of IT and end-devices developers
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